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Before & Afters

Did you know people can be born with misshaped teeth?? The following case shows one of the most common examples. The patient below is a 31 year old dental assistant (from another office) who was unhappy with the shape and size of her lateral incisors. These "peg laterals" are actually a fairly common dental anomaly. Following an exam and some diagnostic findings, we decided crowns would provide the best result.



(looking pretty happy, huh?)

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I never saw a kid so disappointed that he didn't have any cavities as Matthew was. He says he loves going to the dentist.

 lol What a kid!



My family (2 adults + 9 kids) goes to Central Berks for our dental care. They are tremendous and great with our kids. My kids, of all ages, have no fears in going in to see Dr. Hottenstein. I highly recommend them.



Dr. H has worked miracles in making my smile beautiful. Thank you!! It's forever appreciated.



Thank you Dr Jordan and Angel for making my dental repair good soo smoothly. Sorry for my anxiety and thanks for understanding. You all are the best!!!! Have a wonderful Holiday!!!

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