What We Do!


Not to steal a line from a local bank but, at Central Berks Dental Center we truly pride ourselves on being: “not your typical dental office”.  We like to think of our staff as “ordinary people with extraordinary ability”. The #1 compliment we can receive is: “The people here listen and treat me with respect”.   This is an office where you will be treated as an individual with individual wants and desires.  We are educators first and the overall dental health of you, the patient, is our ONLY concern. As General Dentists we are able to provide any service pertaining to the oral cavity and health.  That includes routine hygiene maintenance, fillings, cosmetic dentistry, whitening, pediatric dental care, crowns, bridges, dentures, partials, implant dentistry and everything in between. That being said, we are not a place where every single procedure is done “under one roof”. We are very fortunate to be in an area with extremely talented dental specialists. These people are dentists who have received advanced training after dental school in areas such as: oral surgery, endodontics (root canal specialists), orthodontists, pediatric dentists and periodontics (gum specialists). So while we often do extract teeth, treat children or provide root canals, it really is case by case dependent. We feel working in conjunction with these specialists is the best way to guarantee your overall dental health and ultimately achieving your desired goals. Not to be redundant but we treat all patients as we ourselves would want to be treated, that is our promise.

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